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An oil for every moment

Our family has made the best olive oil a way of life.

Based in the Subbética Cordobesa, in the heart of Andalusia, we make our products according to tradition, with the patience and care that a great extra virgin needs.

The best olive oil is one of the most exquisite products that we can enjoy, not only for its flavor, but also for its excellent culinary and nutritional conditions, which make it unique among the best kitchens.

From here we invite you to know our oils, classified as the best olive oil.



It was more than 70 years ago when Mr. Mateo Muela Velasco, founder of our company, decided that the future of our olive oil lay in the perseverance of tradition and artisan ways, rather than mass production.


Elaboration, quality and service

We are committed to a grinding and packaging model in the same facilities. Thus eliminating any risk derived from the transfer that could alter the original conditions of the olive oil.



The town of Priego de Córdoba is located on a plain of fertile lands located at the foot of the Subbetic Sierras. Intimately linked to the relief of its orography and to the most traditional cultivation of the region, the mountains and the olive tree take over the Priego landscape.


A recognized oil

At the Almazara de Muela we produce the best extra virgin olive oil on the planet. Venta del Barón has received more than 100 awards in 16 countries, and Mueloliva Picuda has been awarded with more than 60 awards in 12 other countries.


Where it all begins

Almazara de Muela, has a unique and exclusive system that allows the extraction of the best olive oil without the contribution of heat or water to the process, managing to maintain each and every one of the attributes of the oil that gives rise to the best EVOO.


They give us their trust

In conclusion, everyone recognizes the excellence of our extra virgin oils, but one thing is to convince the jury, and another, the consumers of our products who cook every day at home with our Mueloliva Picuda.

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