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Mueloliva Glass Bottle 750ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glass Bottle 750ml

Acidity <0.5º

Thanks to the exclusive use of picuda olives, which are highly appreciated for their organoleptic properties, this new extra virgin is more aromatic than other extra virgin coupages of various varieties.

Its tasting brings us into a medium intensity green-ripe fruitiness, with notes of grass, leaves and fruit trees such as apple or banana. On the palate the entry is sweet, with a moderate bitterness and light spiciness.

It is the ideal condiment for all kinds of salads (green, tomato-mozzarella, pasta), the master touch in grilled vegetables (asparagus, aubergines, courgette), pasta and fish; in short, any dish of our delicious and healthy Mediterranean gastronomy.

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